• What is an Auto Accident Refund?

    A vehicle loses “Market Value” when it has been in a wreck and is repaired. An Auto Accident Refund is the money refunded to you by the at-fault party’s insurance company for the loss of your vehicle’s “Market Value”.


    Your vehicle is worth $30,000. One day, you are hit by another car, causing $5,000 in damage. Your insurance company pays for the repairs. Your newly repaired car is still worth, $30,000 right? Wrong. Although your body shop does an excellent job, and your vehicle looks as good as it did before the accident, it’s now much less desirable having been in a collision, should you decide to sell it now, or down the road.

    Many times a frame or structurally damaged vehicle cannot be sold as a “Certified Used Vehicle.” This will impact the vehicle’s value by as much as 40%. This is where Auto Accident Refund comes in. The at-fault party’s insurance company will be quick to write you a check for the repairs, but you’re also entitled to the loss of your vehicle’s “Market Value”.

    If you list your vehicle for sale for $30,000, the first thing a buyer will ask is: “Has the vehicle been in an accident?” Even if you didn’t disclose the accident, the buyer may gain access to the vehicle’s history report using CARFAX® or a similar service.

    Upon discovering an accident, the buyer may no longer be willing to pay you $30,000, but instead might offer $22,500. In this case, your loss of market value would be $7,500. Even if you’ve already settled with the insurance company on the body damage, you can still file for an Auto Accident Refund if the repairs were done recently.

    The at-fault party’s insurance company will pay your Auto Accident Refund.

    What service do you provide?

    Our team of experts, fight with the insurance companies to get the settlement you deserve, with no out-of-pocket costs to you! Our specialists appraise your vehicle’s post-accident market value and submit the documentation necessary to get you your Auto Accident Refund.

    How much does your service cost?

    Our company is so confident that we can collect for you, that we only work on a contingency fee basis, taking a percentage of the amount collected only after the claim has been settled.

    Do I qualify for an Auto Accident Refund?

    The only way to be certain that you qualify for an Auto Accident Refund is to give one of our Claim Specialist a call.

    • Was the accident the other person’s fault?
    • Do you have a late model vehicle? (Within the last 5 years)
    • Is your vehicle worth more than $10,000?
    • Was the damage more than $1,000?
    • Did the accident happen within the last 4 years?

    If you answered “Yes” to all of the questions above, you probably have a claim worth pursuing.
    Call us now at (toll free) 1-855-8-REFUND

    How long does it take for me to get my Auto Accident Refund?

    Insurance companies are notorious for not settling claims in a timely manner. Every claim is different, and rest assured that our Claims Specialist will expedite your Auto Accident Refund. Most claims are settled in less than 90 days, however, depending on the insurance company, settlements may be reached in as little as 2 weeks.

    My Accident was years ago. Can I still receive a Refund?

    The statute of limitations for an Auto Accident Refund varies from state to state. In California for example, you have 3 years. Our claims specialist will be able to determine if the statute of limitations for your state has not expired. Give us a call today! The longer you delay your refund, the smaller your settlement may be.

    Why should I choose Auto Accident Refund to handle my claim?

    • Auto Accident Refund gets you the money your entitled to
    • No out-of-pocket costs
    • Knowledgeable, fast, and worry-free service
    • A 5 minute phone call can get you THOUSANDS of $$$ in your pocket

    Need I say more? 1-855-8- REFUND

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