• Supporting Sustainability

    A local effort, a global commitment

    At Auto Accident Refund we recognize our responsibility to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations and service. Auto Accident Refund is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility in everything we do. The companies we do business with must provide safe working conditions, treat employees fairly, and use environmentally responsible practices.

    Our Carbon Footprint

    To accurately measure a company’s environmental footprint, it’s important to look at the impact of our company on the planet. For the past year, Auto Accident Refund Inc. has used a comprehensive life cycle analysis to determine where our greenhouse gas emissions come from. That means adding up the emissions generated from the transportation, use, and production of our supplies, as well as the emissions generated by our vehicles.

    Our Environmental Focus

    We know that the most important thing we can do to reduce our impact on the environment is to improve our service. That’s why we utilize advanced energy saving technology, design our claims process to use less material, ship with smaller packaging, be free of many toxic substances, and be as energy efficient and recyclable as possible. With every new claim, we continue our progress toward minimizing our environmental impact.

    If you would like a list of our sustainability practices, you can contact us at:

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