• Do I Need Help to Settle My Diminished Value Claim?

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    YES … The insurance industry keeps coming up with new excuses to not pay what they owe on Diminished Value Claims. To the uninitiated, some of their arguments actually seem to make sense. At Auto Accident Refund we’ve heard all their arguments before and we know how to deal with each-and-every one of them. Over the past few years, the pool of diminished value “Appraisers” has mushroomed. There are now “discount” Diminished Value appraisers that will pick-your-pocket for whatever they can get, in exchange for useless reports that are of no value. The insurance industry even seems to be underwriting some of these Late Entries in an effort to minimize their Payments on Diminished Value Claims.

    • Beware of “Instant” Diminished Value Reports. Insurance companies ignore them
    • Beware of “Attorney” [or] ” 50% Contingency Fee” Diminished Value appraisal services
    • Most wont even give you a free estimate of what your case is worth.
    • Those appraisal services still use the banned 17c Formula (or a version thereof)
    • Without Auto Accident Refund Insurance companies will pay the “Low-Ball” settlement, If any.
    • You could need invest hundreds of hours in research, and not be able to settle your claim.

    You Do the Math

    Call one of our Claim Specialists today at: 855-8-REFUND


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