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    Calculate Your Vehicles Loss of Market Value After an Auto Accident

    Auto Accident Refund Inc. has had many requests from people wanting an estimate of their vehicles loss of market value. Since one of the most popular keyword searches that bring people to this site is “Diminished Value Calculator” We have decided to create a webpage that calculates your Inherent Diminished Value. So here is our Auto Accident Refund Calculator:


    Our Auto Accident Refund Calculator generates its values using a proven methodology consistent with professional pricing in the used car market, which is combined with a complex algorithm that factors in all of the data elements provided by the user. The developers of the software that powers this site have over 20 years experience in auto appraisal management at major insurance companies and over 10 years experience in professional car buying experience.

    • This Auto Accident Refund Calculator is designed for mainstream vehicles and general operating conditions. Special circumstances require a custom report (ex: a convertible in January in a northern state)
    • Not all claims are eligible for Diminished Value. Please check local laws or your policy, or seek legal counsel for eligibility rules.
    • For older or very high mileage vehicles or low repair cost claims, Diminished Value may be nominal and not worth pursuing.
    • Diminished Value and a vehicle’s selling price are both subjective in nature and open to negotiation. This calculator provides a fair and reasonable Diminished Value for mainstream vehicles operated under normal conditions assuming the repair work is properly completed.
    • This report is generated based on the unverified information provided by the user.

    If your the victim of accident and have had your vehicle repaired, give one of our Claims Specialists a call at: Toll Free: 1-855-8-REFUND

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