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    Mabry V State Farm was the case brought in front of the Supreme Court of Georgia, where State Farm Insurance Company developed the 17c Formula as an attempt to lower and standardize their inherent diminished value settlements.

    The Georgia Supreme Court gave temporary approval to State Farm to measure diminished value with the 17c Formula, but the 17c Formula only applies to that case.

    When Auto Accident Refund Inc. negotiates your Diminished Value Claim with the at-fault insurance company; we don’t let the insurance companies lie to us about the 17c Formula. Our Claims Specialist’s have herd such lies as: “The method for measuring Diminished Value has been “Ordered” by the Georgia Supreme Court.” The “Georgia worksheet” as it is known in the industry, is simply not true.

    Auto Accident Refund’s Claims Specialist can prove that the 17c Formula is incorrect. Inherent diminished value can only be obtained with an expert appraisal relying on current market data and analysis; not by using an arbitrary formula written by the insurance companies.

    If your Inherent Diminished Value Claim involves the Georgia 17c Formula, give our Claims Specialist a call at: Toll Free: 1-855-8-REFUND

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