• 10 Easy Tips to Help You Get Your Auto Accident Refund

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    I cannot stress how important it is for accident victims to hire a professional to fight for their vehicles loss of “Market Value”. In an effort to provide some genuine free help to the public, I have compiled the 10 most helpful tips relating to how to get your Auto Accident Refund expedited. This article assumes that you are the victim of an auto accident that was not your fault and your car had a pre-accident market value of over $10,000 with no prior accident history. Here are the tips:

    1. Document as much of the accident as possible. Take photos of the damage done to your vehicle. Get all the necessary information (drivers name, insurance info, etc.).

    2. File a Police Report. I recommend filing a police report immediately any time you experience an auto accident, property theft, or vandalism to your property.

    3. Do not indicate that you want your vehicle totaled. If the insurance company totals your vehicle, then you will not be able to recover your vehicles loss of “Market Value” and you will be stuck fighting about how much your vehicle is worth.

    4. If the insurance company elects to repair your vehicle, do not mention to the adjuster that you even know about the best kept secrete in the insurance industry (Auto Accident Refund).

    5. Pick your own body shop. Don’t let the insurance company refer you to their direct repair facility. If you take your vehicle to a shop that has a deal with an insurance company, your car may not get the all the necessary repairs made, in order to save the at-fault insurance company money.

    6. If your vehicle is not a luxury vehicle or brand new, don’t argue about aftermarket parts. Let them use whatever parts they can find, it will help to keep your vehicle from being declared a total loss and may add value to your Auto Accident Refund.

    7. Do not sign a release or remove your vehicle from the shop until you are completely satisfied with the repair job.

    8. Once the repairs are complete and you remove the vehicle from the shop, take pictures of your repaired vehicle and save all the documentation from the insurance company and the body shop.

    9. Contact Auto Accident Refund at toll free 855-8-REFUND, the nations #1 Auto Accident Refund company. They handle your case from start to finish, with no out of pocket cost to you.

    10. If you itemize your deductions, use Line # 19 of Form 1040 – Schedule “A” to deduct your un-recovered Diminished Value. Assuming you have an un-recovered Diminished Value of $2,000 and a tax rate of 20%, you can Reduce Your Tax Obligation by almost $ 400.00. You can even deduct the fees charged by Auto Accident Refund Inc. on Line # 22 of Schedule “A”. You should review this with your tax advisor.

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